Thursday, December 22, 2011

B2B Book Review: Sleeper's Run by Henry Mosquera

Betrayal, the CIA, political thrills- this book has it all, even a little romance. Sleeper's Run is the Jason Bourne series meets The Manchurian Candidate. Fast paced and action packed this political thriller is hard to put down. This is a direct reading from the back cover:

'War on Terror veteran, Eric Caine, is found
wandering the streets of Miami with no memory
of the car accident that left him there. Alone and 
suffering from PTSD, Eric is on a one-way road to
self-destruction. Then a chance meeting at a bar begins
a series of events that helps Eric start anew. When his new
job relocates him to Venezuela- the land of his childhood-
things, however, take an ominous turn as a catastrophic
event threatens the stability of the country. Now Eric must
escape an elite team of CIA assassins as he tries to uncover
an international conspiracy in which nothing is what it seems.'

I have to say this isn't a genre that I normally read, but I really liked it. I will definitely look for future books by Henry Mosquera. For his first novel, he's off to a great start! Others agree as he received at 4.11/5 stars at

* I was provided a book to review and keep as well as financial compensation. All views are strictly my opinion and unbiased.*

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  1. I don't usually read this genre either, but it sounds interesting. Maybe i'll give it a try.

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