Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome Weekend!

This weekend was awesome! Hubby and I got our tax refund so we decided to go out to the riverboat casino, Rhythm City, and have some fun. I put $20 in a penny slot machine and started playing. I sat there not even five minutes and won $400! I have never won that much money before it was crazy. I cashed that baby out and left! When we left we decided to go to Walmart where we finally found a TV we liked that was in stock so we bought it. When we got home and set up the new TV we started talking about going away for the weekend. We decided to go up to the Dubuque/Galena area which is where we spent our honeymoon. Grandpa Joe watched the kids and off we went!

We stayed at a really nice Holiday Inn in Dubuque. It was so nice to spend some time together alone, we so needed a break from our kids. I love them to death but their fighting is seriously driving me nuts. I got the best nights sleep, when I woke up it was so dark in the room I didn't know where I was at or what time of day it was, it was wonderful. We left with our batteries recharged and headed back to Chaos.

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