Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Next?

   Ever have one of those days where you wonder what could possibly happen next? Well I've had 6 months of that. It started when my husband got appendicitis and almost died over Christmas. It seems that ever since one thing or another has gone wrong. The latest thing to happen is I got a flat tire right down the street from my house. I left my car on the side of the road overnight waiting on a tow truck to take it up to Walmart to have it fixed when they opened. At 4:30 that morning I get a call from the Davenport police department. Apparently someone driving past, saw a group of men standing around my car and thought it was suspicious, so they called the police. The police showed up and discovered that they were trying to break into my car and syphon my gas. The officers came and picked me up and brought me down to my car to make sure all was as it should be and that I had the same amount of gas as before. All appeared to be as it should... until I went to get gas on my way to work today. I'm standing filling my car when all of a sudden I look down because something doesn't sound right and I'm standing in a lake of gasoline that has just fallen out of the underneath of my car!! So as of right now my car is at Firestone and I'm waiting to hear what those idiots ended up doing to my car. I seriously am hoping that it was them that broke my car and not just God having a go at me.
   On a different note, I thought it was ironic that when I signed in to write this post, that Amazon had this link for Adele for me to put up because this is what I was listening to while I waited for my tow truck. I love this CD it is very relaxing and helped make a crappy situation a little less crappy by calming me down. So if you haven't picked this up yet or you have never heard it before you should really get it because it is an awesome CD! I would also like to thank my first follower, deb126, for following me you're awesome!