Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes.....

Some people say that children should been seen not heard, well I think that they just didn't have the little comedians my kids seem to be. This is going to be on going post and I will periodically add to it. Here are a few things that have tumbled out of my kids mouths:

1) My daughter Stella talks in her sleep quite a bit. One night she was asleep on our bedroom floor when out of nowhere she blurts out " My butts scared!" Hubby and I busted up laughing. We still tease her from time to time when she seems scared.

2) My son, who's 3, has not quite mastered wiping his own bottom  yet. One night after finishing going to the bathroom, he called for my husband to come in to wipe him up. From the other room I hear my son ask my son ask my husband " Did you hear the smell from my butt?" and then hear my husband laughing and saying "Yeah buddy I hear it smells awful." I was laughing so hard tears welled up in my eyes!

3) One day my daughter and I were at Walmart and I noticed that some items had been added to my cart that I didn't put in. I asked "Did you put this stuff in here?". She said "No mommy. Maybe a goblin did it." She was so serious when she said it I really didn't know what to say so I just started laughing.

4) My son is a biter. When he gets mad or frustrated he is most likely going to bite you. Now that he's getting older it's not as frequent but still inexcusable  behavior. Every time it happens I ask why did you bite? And as of lately he looks up at me and says "It was an accident mommy, I'm not lying." Now he got this from me. I have been trying to explain to my kids that accidents happen, everybody has them, and that they need to forgiven and you move on. Well I guess I can say that I got my point across!