Sunday, February 26, 2012

B2B Book Review & Giveaway: Super Born: Seduction of Being by Keith Kornell

So I just finished Super Born last night and let me tell you this is one sexy, awesome book! I absolutely LOVED it! I loved how the book was written too, it's written in the point of view of the two main characters kind of like a journal entry. This is from the back cover of the book:

Batman wouldn't last a day in my world, thought the B.I.B, bitterly feeling
the strain that newly manifested super powers had brought to the life of the 
33 year old "normal" single mother. Gone was her known controllable 
existence;  quietly raising her daughter and making ends meet. Gone were the
simple days of drinking , dancing, and partying with her friends. Being "real"
and being a super hero made for a unique combination. Sometimes it was a real bitch.

Yet through the dangers and the challenges more doors opened than closed. Perhaps
there was a route to a new level of being, perhaps even a new level of romance. The
ponderous weight of questions and possibilities she bore in isolation.

Alone and feeling sorry for herself on her birthday, she walked into O'Malleys Bar
for a drink and started it all...

Now this book was classified as young adult but in my opinion it shouldn't be read by anyone under 18 due to the graphic sexual content. I only say this because my 12 year old daughter often reads from this section of the bookstore (pending my approval of course) and without opening the book and scanning through it you wouldn't know. I also want to say that the content didn't bother me (I found it pretty darn sexy!) but if that isn't your cup of tea, consider this fair warning.
I really liked this book. I wish that it had gone into more detail on the Super Born's powers and how they began and how they felt about it. I think this would make a great series, I know it left me wanting more. This is Keith Kornell's third novel and I hope it's not his last!

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** I was provided a copy the book as well as financial compensation for my review, however, all opinions are my own and completely unbiased.**

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Easy to Apply... My Booty!

I have always loved the look of the beautiful, long, full lashes of all the famous beauties like Kim Kardashian. I know that they're not real, but they just look so sexy. I was recently at a store called Ulta, which if you don't know is a huge makeup/beauty store and if you don't have one you are sadly missing out, anyhoo I came across Katy Perry's new false lash line. I examined the box and they looked simple enough and then I remembered watching the Jersey Shore (LOVE that show- it's so stupidly hilarious) and Snooki was able to get them on drunker than than a skunk so I decided my uncoordinated self could do it. When I got to the register to pay I noticed my cashier had some on so I asked her if it was easy to do and she was like "Oh yeah!". So tonight I decided to try them out. My booty it's easy!!! I followed the directions to the T and still managed to glue my eyeball, rip out some of my real lashes and irritate my eyelid skin trying over and over again to get them right. I finally gave up until tomorrow, they are so NOT easy! It would be nice if they came with an instructional video or a beauty expert to apply them for me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confused & Frustrated

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a nurse. I started going to school to pursue a degree in Nursing. After completing all of the pre-requisetes for the Nursing program, I was placed on the waiting list which is as far as I got. I got bumped from the list not once, not twice, but three times because there were people waiting longer than me or that had better GPA's than me. Now I was an A/B student so my grades weren't bad. Each time I got bumped I had to take filler classes so that my student loans wouldn't go into repayment, by the third time I had run out of classes that related to my field of study or that interested me. I made the decision to drop out of the program because at the rate things were going I'd be 40 before I graduated with an RN degree. I've thought a lot about what I wanted to do instead and finally decided to go into criminal forensics. Now I'm struggling with the fear of not being able to find a job once I graduate. I live in Iowa and I just don't see a future in it around here and at the moment I can't even consider relocating. So, now I'm back to square one and don't know what to do with myself. I'm scared of going to school and being stuck doing something I hate and I'm scared of picking a field that will get me nowhere because of the lack of jobs. It's so stinkin' frustrating I want to scream. I want to set a good example for my kids and graduate from college and I want to make my mom proud because I would be the first to graduate college in my family. The career counselors at the college are essentially worthless and couldn't help me and actually made me more confused and frustrated than before I talked to them. I'm a science minded person so I know I want to do something in that category but I just don't know what. If anyone has any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome Weekend!

This weekend was awesome! Hubby and I got our tax refund so we decided to go out to the riverboat casino, Rhythm City, and have some fun. I put $20 in a penny slot machine and started playing. I sat there not even five minutes and won $400! I have never won that much money before it was crazy. I cashed that baby out and left! When we left we decided to go to Walmart where we finally found a TV we liked that was in stock so we bought it. When we got home and set up the new TV we started talking about going away for the weekend. We decided to go up to the Dubuque/Galena area which is where we spent our honeymoon. Grandpa Joe watched the kids and off we went!

We stayed at a really nice Holiday Inn in Dubuque. It was so nice to spend some time together alone, we so needed a break from our kids. I love them to death but their fighting is seriously driving me nuts. I got the best nights sleep, when I woke up it was so dark in the room I didn't know where I was at or what time of day it was, it was wonderful. We left with our batteries recharged and headed back to Chaos.